All You Need To Know About SI Diamonds


There are few things that compare to the beauty of diamonds. These naturally occurring beauty are one of the most expensive treasures hidden within the earth. For a general observer, all diamonds are the same. However, that’s not entirely true. The article discusses all you need to know about an si diamonds.

What are SI Diamonds?

Si diamonds are also called Slightly Included diamonds; they are diamonds that have inclusions that are noticeable for a trained grader to see under 10x magnifications. They are sometimes noticeable without magnifications if they are larger in size and at the center of a ring. SI diamond range of cost is between $3,000 – $5,000 and that isn’t cheap. It’s also according to shape, size, carat weight, cut, and value.

Categories of SI Diamonds

Si diamonds are categorised into two—SI 1 diamonds and SI 2 diamonds.

Si 1 diamonds

Si 1 diamonds or slightly included 1 diamonds are diamonds which have inclusions that are noticeable under 10x magnification by a trained gemologist. It may have 1 inclusion that it’s visible to the eyes but generally the inclusions cannot be detected.

Si 2 diamonds

Si 2 diamonds or slightly included 2 diamonds are diamonds which have noticeable inclusions that are very easy for a diamond grader to see using 10x magnifications. It’s very noticeable if you wear the diamond and it’s bigger than half a carat then you too will see it. They are beautiful diamonds for a low budget.

How to Buy SI Diamonds

SI diamonds of any category are found in diamond shops. They are normally shown in the showcase. It’s very easy to buy SI diamonds. Firstly, you tell them the category of SI diamonds you want in terms of size, shape, carat weight, and cut. After that they bring different designs of si diamonds for you to choose.

They sometimes ask for your price range to know the best fit for your budget. You choose the style you want either for an engagement ring, wedding ring, personal ring or jewelry. You pay for it and get your diamond. Let’s talk about how to detect a fake SI diamond.

How to Spot Fake SI Diamonds

You don’t need to be a gemologist or have their equipment to know a fake SI diamond. Here are some ways to know:

Fog test

To check if the si diamond is fake, fog the diamond like how you would do a mirror. If it stays fogged for a couple of seconds then it’s fake. This is because real si diamonds disperse heat immediately.

Dot test

Draw a dot on a white piece of paper and put the si diamond over it. When you look through and the dot becomes bigger it’s a fake diamond because you are not supposed to see the dot through a real SI diamond.

Sink test

Drop the diamond inside water. If it floats it is fake but if it sinks it is real. This is because si diamonds have high density which will make it sink.

Heat test

Heat up the diamond with a lighter for 30 seconds and drop it in a glass of cold water. The rapid expansion will cause it to shatter from the inside. A real si diamond will not shatter.


When getting si diamonds make sure they are the real ones or if you have a si diamond, check it out now. With this article, you not only know what a SI diamond is, you also know how to check for its originality.

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